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December 2019 - 

Last minute Christmas shopping on the cards? Thought about a Broxy coaching voucher? Just email us here to make arrangements! Also, keep an eye out for a Christmas card from the team at Broxy - you may be a Golden Ticket winner! We hope your summer plans include some bike time and perhaps a coaching session or two. 


Coaching Dates.....

Or visit our calendar here

Awhitu Camp #1 - 16th to 17th December

Awhitu Camp #2 - 18th to 19th December

Balclutha - 6th January 2020!

Mosgiel - 7th January

2-Day BOOTCAMP (Pirini MX Park) - 13th to 14th January
Christchurch - 16th and 17th January
Palmerston North - 21st January
Rotorua - 22nd January
Hawkes Bay - 6th and 7th February
Cromwell - 13th February
Invercargill - 14th and 15th February
Taupo - 20th February

JUNIOR NATIONALS CAMP (TECT Park, Tauranga) - 21st to 22nd February

Invercargill - Supercross Skills

Supercross racing is a whole new kettle of fish. But for mx rider Flynn Roskam, he 

was ready to give it a go. And nothing was going to put him off. Broxy got to help out, offering two key skills to give Flynn the edge in his upcoming races.

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Whangarei Fresh Digs

Broxy's annual club coaching with the Whangarei MCC is something to look forward to. Not just because of the coaching, but because of the track. Having access to a freshly prepped Kaiatea track, Dads on quads and a big bunch of keen young riders made this

something epic.  

In The Blood

Having bikes in the blood might mean a natural ability to ride. But there are still skills that need to be learnt. Especially when it comes to mud, control through the mud, and finally standing through muddy ruts. 
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Wheelie Good

Broxy gets asked regularly if he can teach wheelies - often seen as the ultimate fun factor. But there is more value to wheelies than just upstaging your mates. They are extremely useful in saving you time and effort if you are into anything from trails to extreme enduros.
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