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February 2020 - 

We got to enjoy a little break in Taupo kayaking, mountain biking, running, mx bikes (and no kids). So after feeling refreshed, we are getting back into routine and the kids are getting back into school. We have two months left before daylight savings hits us so make the most of those weekends and practice/race hard.


Coaching Dates.....

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Cromwell - 13th February

Invercargill - 14th and 15th February
Taupo - 20th February

JUNIOR NATIONALS CAMP (TECT Park, Tauranga) - 21st to 22nd February
- 27th February

Tokoroa - 5th March

Moto Central, Huntly - 6th March

2-Day Bootcamp, Pirini MX Park - 12th to 13th March

Auckland (South) - 19th March

TUSSOCK BUSTER - 27th and 28th March
Christchurch - 2nd April


Rotorua Sandwich

You don't normally think "South Island" when you hear Rotorua, but the majority of riders that attended the Rotorua training had done the k's to be there. Why not make the most of the school holidays?

Sandwich explained


A Real Breakthrough
Ben Costello's first session was an interesting one, but he did book a second one and it was easy to see that there had been a marked improvement in his riding. And now his brother wanted in on some coaching too.

What had he worked on?

Lap Records - Pirinis

Do you tend to brake slide? Do you want more corner speed? These guys nailed it at this bootcamp, improving lap times and resulting in podium finishes at King of The Mountain.

Here's how you do it.

Starting Them Right at Rotoiti
Camping with your family is fun. Motorbike camping with lots of families is even better. This is also a great opportunity to pick up a few tips from Broxy, especially when you are a keen newbie.

Winning combination