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January 2020 - 

Time to work off that Christmas pud, get on the bike and put in the hard (yet fun) yards. Camp season has started well with plenty more to come.

Make sure you check out a full list of our coaching dates on our calendar. And we will be loading more in the next couple of weeks! 


Coaching Dates.....

Or visit our calendar here

Mosgiel - 6th January

Balclutha - 7th January 2020!

2-Day BOOTCAMP (Pirini MX Park) - 13th to 14th January
Christchurch - 16th and 17th January
Palmerston North - 21st January
Rotorua - 22nd January
Hawkes Bay - 6th and 7th February
Cromwell - 13th February
Invercargill - 14th and 15th February
Taupo - 20th February

JUNIOR NATIONALS CAMP (TECT Park, Tauranga) - 21st to 22nd February


TECT - Next Level Riding Tip

Ever wanted to know how to straighten up for the slippery or the bumpy bits? Broxy worked with Ben Wall at the Junior Nationals track at TECT Park for some speed and skill work in the corners.

Broxys full explanation....

Made A Wish
It's not every day you get asked to take part in completing someone's dream. But when the opportunity knocks to help others, you can bet Broxy won't say no. 

Logans cancer battle....

The Reward

When you think your child has gone off the idea of riding, perhaps suss out if its actually something else - perhaps the bike, or something hindering their enjoyment. Solve this and, like Broxy, you will see the spark come back.

So what did Broxy fix for these riders?